Welcome to the Phrozen Library![edit | edit source]

This is the code database of the phrozen keep Diablo 2 modding community. We use this wiki to gather our knowledge of the Diablo 2 binaries. If you know some details about the Diablo 2 binaries that we lack, please add them to our library!

The library is structured as follows:

  1. We have some general Diablo 2 code editing , which explains all the terms and conventions we use.
  2. For every dll, we have a page giving a short insight into the purpose of the dll. For every version of Diablo, that page gives an overview over the functions in that file and has a link to a page decribing that function in more detail. We also have an overview over all the dll pages.
  3. For every function, we have a page describing that function in some detail, including where the function is located in the different versions of Diablo. We also have an overview over all the function pages. For the functions that are accessed from the various txt files, see the function tables.
  4. For every ordinal, we have a page linking to the functions that were represented by that ordinal, depending on the version. We also have an overview over all the ordinal pages.
  5. For every struct and enum, we have the fields including names, types, and displacement. We give a list of all alternative names or ways to reference the struct, but within this library, only the main name should be used. We also have an overview over all the structs and enums.
  6. For every TXT variable, we have a short description of the files it is read from, as well as a link to the struct used for the variable.

If you have any particular questions, feel free to join our coding forums and ask :) Our experienced and helpful members are always quick to offer any insights they can. If you learn something in our forums that you don't find in the library, be sure to copy it over!

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